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Invisible Enemy - Worthless Heart (2018)
Sacrament - Promised Land (2016)
Re-armed - Total Lack of Communication (2015)
Sacrament - Endless Night (2015)
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A&A - Poor Soul of Man (2013)
I composed this song with Antti Jylhäkoski, he also sings in this song. Anne Grace-Kleri made beautiful lyrics and I did the rest. I recorded the song, mixed and mastered it and also me the background video. The song is really beautiful and tells a story of ancient sailor.

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X-Pulssion - Shit Happens (2012)
Written and directed by Rikhard Ståhlberg. Filming and editing by Joel Muujärvi. © Pulssion Production & Otherlake Media 2012.

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X-Pulssion - Tooth Twister (2011)
Written and directed by Aapo Salo. Filming and editing by Joel Muujärvi & Juha Sihtola. © Pulssion Production, Otherlake Media & MadCam Productions 2011.

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