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aCore - Photoshoot sessions (2014)
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Smashing bass (2013)
My long time dream of smashing instrument took place in Sacramentīs photoshooting sessions 2013. You might think itīs easy to smash an instrument into piecies, but that didnīt happen. Photolies did great job and took a nice picture of that smash.

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X-Pulssion - Making of tooth twister (2011)
Making of Tooth twister music video was my dream come true. I directed, made script to the video and also was putting all the piecies together. I have been huge Indiana Jones fan since I saw "Raiders of the lost ark" and tried to make the same spirit in this video.

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X-Pulssion - Life of an artist (2011)
"Life of an artist" is my first video I have ever made. X-Pulssion had a gig at Rytmikatti 2011 (Kouvola, Finland) and we filmed the whole trip, soundcheck, gig and things that happens in backstage. Being an artist isnīt so easy as people might think.

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